The objective was to craft a brand identity with a focus on sports technology.

Company Website

The company introduced two products aimed at digitizing the sports experience. I led the development of the entire UX/UI design in collaboration with the backend development team.

Competition Custom-build Website Templates

One of the projects involved the creation of tailor-made websites for tournaments, championships, and federations. Leveraging the extensive data collected by NBN23 technology during sports games, we designed templates to present this information in a highly customized manner. The primary focus of this project was to enhance user engagement, driving us to conduct thorough UX/UI research to ensure a compelling commercial outcome.

Digital Score Sheet App

Data collection for the Competition websites was facilitated through the implementation of the Digital Score Sheet, representing a groundbreaking method for gathering, storing, and managing all incidents occurring in a sports game. Our collaboration with referees, federations, and players ensured the development of an intuitively usable, flexible system, serving as the ultimate replacement for traditional paper methods. This not only led to a seamless creation of Big Data but also laid the foundation for future value in sports analytics.