The mission here was to create a sports-technology-related branding.

Company Website

The company launched its two products for sports digitalization. I was in charge to develop all the UX/UI and design with an excellent development team on the backend.

Competition Custom-build Website Templates

One of the projects was to create Ad-Hoc websites for Tournaments, Championship, federations... As NBN23 technology collected a huge amount of data in sports games, we create this templates where all this info is shown in a very custom way. The engagement of users was the main goal of this project. A big UX/UI research was done to achieve a final commercial result.

Digital Score Sheet App

The way to collect all the data shown on the Competition websites was through the use of the Digital Score Sheet. A revolutionary way to collect, store and manage all the incidents that happen in a sports game. We work closely with referees, federations, and players to create intuitive usability, flexibility, and an ultimate paper replacement. And a seamless creation of Big Data and future value.